Month: July 2018

যেভাবে Windows 10 এ Update Assistant Uninstall করবেন | কিভাবে উইন্ডোজ ১০ অটো আপডেট বন্ধ করবো?

Have a lot of suffering with this problem then take a look at my tutorials now without delay. This tutorial can teach you to stop Windows auto Update in two ways.

GPD Pocket: 7 inch UMPC-Laptop with Ubuntu or WIN 10 OS

GDP Pocket is such a product, it’s not only has luxuriant appearance like Macbook, but also super light and very small, It can take away at any time like a mobile phone in your pocket. *Updated*–2#/ *Update 2* Available at Gearbest GPD WIN( $317.99 with coupon: GBGPD GPD Pocket ( $489.99 with coupon:GPDPOCKET *Update 3* Hands on video:…