Month: December 2018

Can not connect to WIFI Windows 10 | windows 10 pro | Qaiser Infotech

Can not connect to WIFI Windows 10 en Settings App and go to network & net. go to segment and click manage settings. Scroll right down to the control known networks, choose your wi-fiwireless network and click forget. After you’ve achieved that, hook up with the identical wi-fiwireless community once more. Press windows key + X and click on tool […]

Debian Vs Arch Linux | Stability or Newest Packages? | Which is the Best Linux Distro?

Debian and Arch Linux are on the extreme opposite ends of the spectrum, in pretty much all the areas. One is an orthodox stability focuses distro and the other is a cutting edge rolling release distro. Both these distros are very different from each other except for the fact that they both are Linux based and awesome. Debian and Arch […]