Month: February 2019

Windows 10 mit Win7 pro Key aktivieren geht noch ? Technical Tips Part 0

Darkys Hardware World:Windows 10 mit Win 7 pro key aktivieren geht noch ? technical tips Part 0 ►Paypal Spenden Link: ► Meine Amazon Seite Wenn Ihr mich Supporten wollt drückt den Paypal Spenden Botton. ► Für alle Links auf “Mehr anzeigen” klicken: Die Komponenten im Überblick: alles “X“ Amazon Links: Gigabyte X299 AORUS GAMING 3 PRO Mainboard schwarz […]

What’s new in control groups (cgroups) version 2?

Michael Kerrisk Control groups (cgroups) version 1 was released in 2008, and within a short time people realized that there were a number of problems that resulted from its uncoordinated design and implementation. Soon afterwards, work began on fixing the problems–work that lasted around 4 years and resulted in the release of cgroups v2 in 2016. Even then, much […]

How to Convert PDF to Text on Mac OS X Using Automator Secret sale page at Aiseesoft. How to convert a PDF document to text format on Mac OS X using Automator. This conversion will convert PDF text and retain all of the rich formatting. Automator does not convert PDF images into Word, Pages or text format though so you’ll have to check out a third party application for that. Zamzar […]