Comparing Windows 10 to Windows 8.1

In this video, I compare Windows 10 to Windows 8.1, two visually similar but totally different operating systems from similar time periods. For those of you who prefer articles, here’s some articles on how to turn off Windows spying: Turning off Windows 8.1 spying: Turning off Windows 10 spying: Disabling Cortana:…

how to bypass windows 8.1 product key while installing

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Was Windows 8 Really That Bad?

Windows 8 received a lot of hate after it’s original release. But was Windows 8 really that bad? I answer that in this video. Zemya Minecraft Server: ZamBoppityPow’s channel (owner of Zemya): Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on Instagram! Discord chat: Check out my gaming channel!…

Windows 7 Ultimate or 10?

JOIN SILICON DISCOURSE and Ask UNLIMITED Questions: The Arduino Starter Kit that I’m currently playing with is: I want to setup a Windows PC with the purpose of doing live multitrack recordings on location. Do you recommend Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 10 as OS? I’m thinking of installing Windows 7 because, I guess, it is a more […]